Catios, Catio Cat Enclosure, Window Catios, Outback Catios. Outdoor Catios, Catios in DFW

Ok, everything I do is about Catios, Catio cat enclosures, Window catios, and Outback catios. Outdoor Catios, Catios in DFW, and all North Texas. This all started with a friend that had four cats, and she said she had one that always wanted to go out. 2 were 19 years old. They wanted to go out all so. I don’t think that she or I knew what a Catio was. I just made a chicken wire box outside a window out of scraps that I had and the way my first Catio was. She found out it was a catio, 3 of the four cats liked going out. It was just one level—a square box. I will try and post a photo of it. Looking back on it was kinda nice. We both felt strongly about not letting cats get in the bushes and take out our songbirds.

Introducing Window Catios


fter looking into what Catios were and thinking there was just no real market for them at this time, (2015) so I waited a while and in 2022 I started getting my web site ready and wend into business.

What I wanted to do and still try to get people to do is window Catios. I like them. The cats love them, and I can get four levels in one typically. I try and make everything last a long time. Since I am now about to be 54, I have a good idea of what has happened to wood over 40 years. I just have been around it. But the window Catios I can make in my shop and install them on the house. They should be treated like a table in your home. They will last a long time. You can leave them in your will to people to move them to a new house or sell them. They are kinda luxury items. They should be treated that way.

I lack computer drawing skills, but it’s usually unnecessary. I can sketch on paper or use a program I’m learning. Visualizing designs, especially Catios, comes naturally to me. I’ve had diverse experiences, including oil painting like my mom and daughter. Despite my daughter becoming a scientist, she shares my love for painting and animals, rooted in our family farm days. Sleeping under stars, we’d hear coyotes nearby, fascinating yet harmless. I’ve worked since I was 11, immersed in construction and self-education, though I lack a degree. From internet businesses to diverse projects, I’ve stayed busy. Crafting Catios is my current passion; I find joy in it. Feel free to ask if you want to learn more about me.


Hi, I’m Todd. Just a heads-up, I work in trades, not English, so expect errors. Check out 380handyman.com for more. My family relocated in ’78; Dad, an ex-air force pilot, launched his business. We constructed various buildings from scratch on our land, starting when I was around 11. While I wasn’t thrilled about daily chores, it was a time when everyone pitched in. As we grew, we ventured into winter house construction to keep our team busy. I diversified, working on remodeling jobs with a friend’s dad. Around 16 or 17, we tried bidding for roofing jobs, which I quickly learned wasn’t for me.


At the time, we made pretty good money. Min wage was like 2.70, and we made 6.00 an hour. We were rich. Lolol. From all that, I have had a lot of business. I was doing a painting to go to college. Moved to Florida to have an aluminum construction LLC. I took a lot of tests to get licensed there.

Not at all, like Texas. To flush a toilet, you need a license. But the big thing is there are hurricanes down there. I pasted the general contractor text that allowed me to build up to a 3-story building. I never did. But outside of Chemistry in college, it was the 2nd most challenging test I ever had to take. Anyway, I did that till the market dropped out.

Growing up in Texas, we never really see recessions that much. But down there, they were hit hard. Whole shopping centers with just one little business still in it. It got to where people were working for like gas money and food money. I came back to Texas and started doing remodeling again. Moved into being called a handyman.

From Chance Encounters to Window Catios

I wouldn’t say I like that term, but I do not contract out my work. So, I am not a contractor, and I am not a subcontractor. I don’t work for contractors. Avoiding the pursuit of money in the myriad endeavors I’ve undertaken is my preference. Once, I participated in a small show for the police department, akin to a booth. Regrettably, I lack a photo of that booth. Did not even look amateur.

It was like a chair. I think I might have had a little table. I got to talking with a cat group, and I cannot even remember their name. To make a long story short, a lady in Dallas asked me to make some portable cages that would fit in a mid-size SUV. And helped her make some walls for her house for cats. Never even knew about Catios.

Somehow all this led to me making a cat enclosure, a window Catio with a lady, and we made it out of scrap stuff. Looked like crape. But the cats loved it; she had two cats that were 19 years old. She had 4, but only three liked going out. We set up a bird feeder off ways. It was like a tv for them. She was so happy. It did not look that bad I did make it.

A Journey of Crafting Creativity

I did it free, and with things I had already. It was made with chicken wire. And some of it was rusty. And from there, I put it on my website that I will build them. So, calls started coming in. I have a few photos of the few I made. The last one I made was for some pidgins. I also have made owl houses and A indoor turtle area. Yeah, turtle.

I have made a few Fish fountains and little ponds. Lots of birdhouses. All this had been over 40 years. I have an extensive list of odd things I have done. But I am going to go with catios now. Cat enclosures, Shelves for inside your house for nick knacks, Indoor cat play areas, and art stretchers. I used to make them also. I am expanding a shop I have.

Since we build trusses, we have big buildings, so I have taken over part of one for the last 25 years for doing all kinds of things. But now going bigger. Ok, that is about me, I also like stacks of 100-dollar bills if you have any you are not using them—or gold nuggets. And don’t forget about my zombie home-proofing.

From Home Automation to Catios

You just never know, and you kinda see my evolution of trades. I have made barns and use to have a home automation business, cleaning business, and windows. One time I even thought I would work for Lowes in their pro services, the most boring job I ever had. 401k and insurance were not worth it. Also worked on hurricanes and made outdoor fireplaces. They were real fireplaces in cool designs, had a landscape company, Worked for Wolf nursery as a department head, so I learned plants and chemicals. With my family, we imported Brazilian music Drums and stone-cut birds; we had a plastic media blaster before they became popular. We still have it and do classic cars for restoration. It takes the paint off them. Furthermore, we used to have a contract with the U.S. Gov to repaint those blue mailboxes you drop mail in. Ok, that is enough. I could remember more, but you don’t care. What you want is a Cat enclosure or a pet enclosure. Catio, Deck Catio, window Catio box, Zombie proofing. Catios, Catio cat enclosure, Window catios, Outback catios. Outdoor Catios, Catios in DFW