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Animal enclosures for pets​

I know we don’t think of our pets and what they are. Like a dog or a lizard, we give them names, and they become part of our lives. Part of the family. I have a possum that lives under a shed I have called him Oscar. I don’t know if he is a boy or a girl. Sometimes I see him out and talk to him like a pet, I tell everyone he is my pet possum. I tell everyone he is old because he is always telling me to get off his lawn. Lol

We are the earth’s caretakers, and pets fall into our category to take care of. We domesticated them, and we all know that we have, in a lot of cases, taking their land and homes from them.

I like enclosures for my pets

I would love to let the cats go free and come and go as they want. But we all know the problems, Cats not coming back, playing on the road. One thing we don’t want is how they really can decimate the bird populations. Going up trees to see what is in the nest.

In addition, we need to take care of out pets and Cats. So, we have a used enclosure, pins something to contain them, but nothing says we cannot make it comfortable for them. I would like to have a few amenities if I was being contained. Most of our pets like being with us. I built a pigeon or pigeon cage.

Can pick them up a lot of things

The man told me that his pigeons love people he lets them out, and they fly for around 45 min then come back. I got schooled on pigeon changes and Pigeonio. So if you have questions about pigeons and breeding pigeons, I know a lot about them now and the cages for pigeons you need for breeding.

If you want your pet to be able to go outside and it can be happy, I can help you make it happen. Yes, you and I might have to think about your situation. I have never thought about like making a rat run, but I know rats make good pets. I did not know that. They live for a long time also.

That includes bugs and spiders​

We can figure it out. Zoos figure it out. I grew up on a farm, so I like all animals.

I still remember this one big black snake that use to come into the house in the summer and I was in charge of picking it up and taking it to a fence and letting it go, It was about as long as I was tall. My dad and I watched a snake eat a chicken egg. It sat there with the egg inside its body and then twitched real fast and broke the egg. For me, it was kinda cool. My Dad said just leave it there and we went back to working.

Todd Catios and pet cages

Finally, one thing I will not do is try and run up a bill. I have enough work in my life, and probably not going to make the ten wealthiest people on earth.

Close, when you see I drive a 2001 suburban, you’re going to think, “HE was lying about that top 10 richest. He is like Number 3” lolol Don’t be Jealous. I will try and tell you the cheapest way to make one. But a lot of us like to match a house cover or have something on it to make it look cool. I want to do as much as you want when we build it. It is the best and cheapest way to build. But like a house, we can always make changes.

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