Catio Types 2023


Window Catio

Is obvious but if you have a cat door that just goes out and then to a cat run that is not a window catio. Window catios or mountable catios.

are over part or all of the window. I really like these. Great to look at from inside and out.

Upright Window Catio

I consider this to be a window that has a cat door that goes into a small area connected to the house. You will know this

when you see them. Normally 3 to 9 feet wide 3 to 6 feet deep. And as tall as the soffit of your house.

Outside Shot

Full Size Catios

Yes, just as it sounds. You can cover a whole area or just have a small area for your cat. They are very enjoyable.Very nice if you spend time out in the back of your house.

Cat Tree Maze

Balcony Catio

Here again sounds like what it is. This can be upstairs, or in a 50 story building that have balconies. I would say a balcony

could be built and have it put on it. You get the idea.

Cat Tree

Yeah you are thinking this one is prob underground but noooo just what the name says. Lolol it has something to do with a tree.

Cat Tree 1

Cat Box

There are various types of litter or cat boxes available, including open pans, covered or hooded boxes, and self-cleaning options. Choose one that suits your cat’s preferences and your home’s space.

Steiny Catio Designs

Cat Runs

Cat runs tend to be a straight run. It’s kind of an area where the cat can go out and look around and walk or run. They are also used to go to an area. Like if you had a free-standing catio, you would need a cat run to get to that area.

Fence Catios

I use this term to distinguish between Freestanding Catios. It helps, trust me. The fence Catios as the name says makes up one to more walls of a fence. These can be very big Catios to like a cat run Catio. Let’s say you just want a cat run down a fence. That is a Fence, Catio.

Free Standing Catio

This is a catio that for example sits in the middle of the backyard. I will require a min of four posts. May attach to the house with a cat run or may not attach at all. These are the nicest catio in a way. You can walk all around it and talk to your cats or have them follow you around. Just fun.

Patio or Porch Catio

Let’s say you have an area outside your house that already has a roof on it, probably, you sit out there also. If you wire it in that becomes a patio Catio or porch Catio. Yeah, I know you already figured that out. Now you can build a catio like this. The patio is a whole different ball of wax. I have people try and get me but build them a patio but that is for patio builders. They are not cheap and require permits and lots of times tying into a roof. I could do that, but I don’t want to.

Cat Tunnels

I’m going to say these are like cat runs. But they are round. I don’t think the tunnel is a good term. A can run can be any shape to me.

Portable Catio Enclosure

This means what it says also. If you have an RV or if you go places you want to bring your cat these can be helpful. They might be a little bit of trouble on bring it and setting it up. But is all depends on how important it is to you.


Playpen Catio

This can have a few meanings. To me, this is a pen you set up and you physically bring your cat to and let them play and be outside. But you can have a freestanding catio that would fall into that way of thinking also. I can be a small area for cats to just play. If you click the link I will show you one I made.

Zombie Proof Catio

Of all catios I think this is the most important. We protect ourselves you will have to ask your self what will my cat do if the zombie apocalypse happens? They will still want to go outside and feel that they are protected. You don’t want those little zombies to get your cat while you are out looking for food. This can help against Russians. You just never know what can happen. Lolo

Cat Litter Catio

Yeah put your cat boxes outside. Will help with the smell inside your house and those fresh trips you see them walking out of the utility room. You can also have these in your garage. I have seen one and I thought it was a great idea. And it worked like a charm.

Boat Catio

Yeah, this one has you guessing, I know. I just made it up. But is a thing because I made it up. Not a long stretch. Better than moon or mars catio, or spaceship catio.

Hotel Catio

You can think about that one.

Indoor Catios

Yes they can be inside but the are more of a indoor play ground.

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