Chicken Coop

My dad and I built a big chicken coop when I was young. I was for 100 chickens. We also had turkeys they slept on top of it. I know there is not a lot of demand for chicken houses or chicken coops in the city, but I can make custom ones for you. I see some around that you can just buy off the spot. They are nice and made for like maybe five at the most and give them no area to really move around in. And for that, they are lucky. A small chicken coop is better than living in a 1x1x1 box all their life. But if you want to be able to go in your chicken coop and walk around and into the chicken house itself you will need something bigger. I can make a chicken coop very nice for them. We do give them names, and they become pets.
We always had chickens that we could hold. For us, they were food, but a lot of them lived long lives. I have catios and chicken coops together on this site. They are similar in the building process. Have a lot of good ideas for them. Also, chickens will eat anything. so all your table scraps can go to them. They love watermelon. I can tell you that. These photos are just funny things. I needed photos of chicken houses or coops. I also make bird cages for birds. I made one for pigeons. That the guy let them out at the end of the day, they flew around and then came back. I thought it was crazy cool. I am not a pigeon man. lolol