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“I am trying to help birds and cats. Catios protect your cat from outside animals and cars and also keeps them from killing all our little birds. So let your cat out but keep them in all at the same time.

-Catios of Texas

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    • Some of the Catio types that will help save our birds some of these might be for you free-standing catios, cat runs outdoor, cat run enclosures, custom catios, Prebuilt catio, cat enclosures, cat run enclosures, Balcony catio, PVC catios, window mounted catio, window box catio, catio for deck.
  • Let’s save our birds. Cats are the number 1 destructive animal to our environment, and it is just because of instinct. It is not like they even know what they are doing.
  • Outside of saving our birds they will also save your cats. It can be devasting to lose one. I lost one when I was younger, and I wish I had a catio then. If you have a kid that loses one, that can really suck. It is not like a goldfish. I have dedicated the rest of my life to making catios for people and cats.