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Worried about losing your cat or it getting sick, learn more about Catios.

Want a peace of mind with your cat so you will know you will have it for years to come?

In my lifetime, I have seen so many people lose their cats, posters on poles, kids walking door to door asking. It is devastating! I understand been there done that with my daughter. I recognized the need to Protect our Cats.

Catios are enclosed outdoor spaces for cats that are Proven, Safe, and Healthy for our cats. Catios have Gained popularity among cat owners who want to provide more freedom and a stimulating environment for their furry friends.

I saw the need. I saw the crap you can buy from Amazon. I have taken it to the next level. Catio is an investment in your life and cat life.

It is your peace of mind. Knowing your cat is there in the morning and when you get home.

The Best Benefit of your Catio.

Guaranteed benefits that Catios provides:

Catios provide a secure and controlled outdoor environment for cats. They prevent cats from wandering off or encountering potential dangers such as traffic, predators, diseases, vet bills, or toxic plants. With a catio, owners can have peace of mind knowing that their cats are safe while enjoying fresh air, sun, and the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

Catios allows cats to experience the outdoors while remaining in a protected space. Cats are natural explorers, and having access to a catio provides them with mental stimulation, environmental enrichment, and sensory experiences. They can watch birds, insects, and other wildlife, smell the scents of nature, and feel the breeze—all of which contribute to their overall well-being.

Catios encourage cats to engage in physical activities. By having a designated outdoor space, cats have more room to run, climb, jump, and play. Increased physical activity helps to maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of obesity-related health issues, and keep cats active and agile.

Spending time in a catio can have a calming effect on cats. It provides a protected space where they can retreat from loud noises, unfamiliar animals, or stressful situations. The sense of security offered by a catio can help reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve overall emotional well-being. For you and your cats.

Catios allows owners to spend quality time with their cats in a shared outdoor space. They provide an opportunity for supervised interaction, play, and bonding. Being able to enjoy the outdoors together can deepen the relationship between cats and their owners.

Exposure to natural sunlight helps cats synthesize vitamin D, which is essential for the absorption of calcium and the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. Catios allows cats to bask in the sun safely, avoiding the risk of sunburn or overheating that can occur when cats are left outside unsupervised.

Catios promote responsible pet ownership by minimizing the impact of cats on the local environment. They prevent cats from hunting and disrupting local wildlife, protecting birds and small animals from predation. Catios also reduce the risk of cats contracting diseases from other outdoor cats or wildlife.

Yes, show it off. Let everyone know you are ahead of the curve.

Simple Catio

The fear of losing your cat.

  • The real fear:
    There is a real fear of losing your cat or animal. If you have ever had an animal get out and you must go looking for them, you know it is intense and very, very anxious. I have been there. You think about everything that could have happened, from a car, to another animal attacking them, they get lost and they want to get home but can not find the way, or someone just taking your cat. This is what can give you nightmares and keep you up for days. It’s horrible. I have been there and never want to live through it again.
  • Then, if it’s your child’s cat, the child is crying, and you are crying. You know that you can never replace that cat. It was special. If you accidentally let the cat out now, your kid might hate you for doing it and say you did it on purpose. It’s hard suffering, and you cannot do anything but look and pray to find it..
  • Exposing them to Health issues
    Health issues or illnesses: You are concerned about your cat’s well-being and may fear their furry companion could develop health issues or become seriously ill. The possibility of a severe illness, such as cancer or organ failure, can be particularly distressing for cat owners.
  • Accidents or injuries
    Cats are agile creatures, but accidents can happen. You worry about their cat getting injured, either from falls, getting hit by a car, or encountering other animals that may harm them. The fear of their cat experiencing pain or suffering from an accident is a common concern and will keep you up at night.
  • Behavioral problems:
    Some cat owners fear that their cat may develop behavioral issues that are difficult to manage. This can include aggression, destructive behavior, or litter box problems. These concerns arise from a desire to provide a happy and harmonious environment for both the cat and you.
  • Veterinary expenses:
    You may worry about the financial aspect of caring for your feline friend. Veterinary care, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, and potential medical treatments, can be costly. The fear of unexpected veterinary expenses or the inability to afford necessary care can cause anxiety for cat owners. It seems like these days if your cat has been hurt the cost starts out at 800.00 and goes up. What happens is you don’t have that kinda of money at the time.

Yes, the fears we have about losing anything in our lives can be exhausting. Just losing our wallet or purse is a very big ordeal. Losing our animals, cats, birds, dogs or even a hamster, can be traumatic. I have had a cat run out under my feet before to try and get outside, and it was an OOOOO Sh… moment. Then I had to tell my girlfriend that I did it and sent her into a oooo god moment and then a “Didn’t you see him, are you stupid moment”. I know she was just upset because it had happened to her also.

After I made her cat a cage, it really helped with it trying to go out the door. Made her life a lot better, and mine, yeah, “the mean one that let the cat out so I can spend hours trying to find it”. It happened 2 times, and both times, panic set in within about 1/10th second and did not let up till the cat was inside. But I was still in the doghouse for letting him out and did not like it at all. And felt for her and the cat. I am glad it did not end in a tragedy. But just the thought of having the cat get in a fight, getting hurt, getting a disease, lost, or taken in by someone all went through my head over and over and over. Till her cat was back and inside. I don’t want to ever have that happen again.

It can be very frustrating having a cat. You want it to be happy, and you see them sitting in a window day after day. You want them to go out, and you can understand why they want to run out the door. But we just cannot let them run free and hope they come back. We love our animals, and they become part of our family. We take care of them almost more than we take care of ourselves.

Good food, clean water, making sure they have toys to be active, bringing them to a vet if they get hurt, and carrying them around so they don’t have to walk. Lolol Yeah, we love them. Some people would trade their kid for their cat. lolol

But yeah, a catio will give you so much outside of just your cat being happy and having fresh air and sunlight. As I said, it gives you freedom. If you think about all the stress, you have worried about your cat or looking for it or possible vet bills. A catio gives you time back to your life. Allows you to think about other things and spend quality time with your cat or family. It really does make a difference. It gives you mental health. I need all that I can get. Lolol

I have been working with Catios for a while now. You will see what I have built. I get it. I try to make all my Catios different and make it fun for the cats. I know how they act in them and what they do. For the cat, it is a lot better than looking out a window. It’s as free as a cat can get in our cities, towns, and rural areas where the coyotes run. They love them, and you will, too.

So if you have a cat or any animal that needs a little more than a fence, we can help you. Your kids will love it, you will love it, and your cats will really love it. I have put a lot of time into building catios. I build them to last, look good, and what I would want for the cat and owner. I want to enhance people’s and cats’ lives. I am 54 now, and I enjoy building and cats, so after all these years, I get to build things that make everyone happy. And something I enjoy building.

I try very hard to make you something that you can show off, looks badass, and the cats are stimulated and have lots of things to do. I think a lot about it when I’m not working and when I am working. I have changed almost every cage design as it was being built. As I build, new ideas come in. The first ideas are pretty good, I can tell you that, but I keep looking to improve them. As I know, the cats and the owners’ things develop. You kinda have to just let me run with it and not worry that I’m going to do a cheap job, cut corners, or do things just because its easier. I really try, and in this day and age, people want to do nothing or do things half-ass, it’s hard to find people that try, even try just a little. People are always trying to get you in the fine print. Like I told my dad one time, if you buy a car, you have to look to make sure the engine comes with it, or it will be delivered with tires. I am still old school and try and give you and your cat the best I can.

Catios are a big investment to a lot of people, and you have to sit down and think about all the time cats may take away from you life time on earth. Look at what can happen if your cat gets out or you let it out, and it does not come back. You have choices of people that can build them. I stand by my designs and if anything happens to one of my designs, I would like to know. I can tell you how to fix things or fix it myself. I have never had a problem. I do know that some of my catios are under trees. One day, a limb will fall and poke a hole in it. I always explain how to fix it and leave patch wire for holes on the top and sides. People who are driving lawnmowers can get wild sometimes. When I was a kid I hit a lot of things on the farm I grew up on. I never told Dad. Lolol Did not want to stand by a wall for not taking my time.

Just think of having your cats go out and play and be happy. You can wake up in the morning and know they are there. They come to you, and you can talk to them and pet them. Your litter box is outside, so the cat box smells out of your house. You can leave your house and come home and your cats are there and they are happy. You are happy because a whole lot of stress has been taking off you and you can do other things in life. Like hobbies or I like to play chess, and Bocci, It frees up your life. You will have freedom.

Having a dream catio for your cats can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience, both for you and your furry friends. A catio, a clever combination of “cat” and “patio,” is an enclosed outdoor space specifically designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for your cats.

If you don’t get a catio or some type, you will always have that feeling of not being happy. Remember, you can start with a small one and add on to it. You will always worry about your cat. Knowing that your cats are not happy. You will not be happy.

Catios are the future. I want to help you as much as I can and the cats. People let their dogs out, and now it’s time of the cats.

Thank you for reading all this. Don’t forget about Zombies, I put them up there close to the top of the list on dangers. That and aliens. They require different types of Catios. Lolol