Pet Enclosures
A catio is a covered outdoor space where cats can play and relax. It can be used as an extension of your
house or even as an addition to it.
It’s important to make sure that you choose the right size catio for your pet. Some cats may prefer larger
enclosures than others, so it’s important to keep in mind their size before deciding on a design.

Different types of catios include:
1) Pergola Cat Enclosures: These are highly customizable, allowing you to choose from several different
materials and styles. They’re particularly popular with homeowners who have a small yard and want to
maximize their space.
2) Cat Porch Enclosures: These are similar to pergolas but offer more privacy for the cats using them
because they’re usually enclosed on three sides. If you have a large yard or don’t want to add any walls
or other structures, this type may work best for you!
3) Dog House Enclosures: These are typically made from wood or plastic, and they come in many
different shapes and sizes depending on how much room you want them to cover while still keeping
them safe from predators like foxes and raccoons who might want to hurt them. #catiosoftexas #cats #cat #catsoftiktok #catlover #catlife

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