Our Client reviews

I am thrilled to finally have my catio for my fur babies. My family and friends are so impressed at how beautiful it turned out. They were expecting it to look like a metal cage instead of a cat sanctuary. Thank you Todd for helping me build my dream catio!

Julie T.

Catios of Texas literally made my dreams come true! I have always wanted to offer a safe outdoor space for my cats. Todd is a master, has a real passion for meeting the needs not only of the customer but most importantly of the cats! No regrets!

Amy Etter Robbins

We love our catio! Working with Todd was easy and fun, and the final product turned out even better than I had pictured. Todd added nice touches like triangular platforms for the top level. It's also clear that the catio is extremely well built and safely fastened to the house. If you're even thinking about a catio, talk to Todd and throw some ideas around. Your cats will thank you!

LW Carrr

Todd was amazing to work with! The catio is wonderful and he has an amazing creative mind to come up with exactly what you and your cats need. Highly recommended by me and my spoiled cats! If you are looking for a fun, safe space for your cats to roam outside, this is the company to use!

Lori Martin
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