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I had been wanting an outdoor enclosure for my cats for some time as there are many benefits to having one. First, cats love being outside. They like the fresh air, watching the birds, rolling in the grass and annoying the squirrels. The sounds and smells are visually and mentally stimulating and that helps keep them from getting bored. Plus, it is not safe to have cats roaming around the neighborhood. There are many dangers for cats – like cars, getting lost, diseases and other predators – not to mention saving the bird population. It’s nice to have peace of mind knowing that my cats are safe and not worrying if they will make it home ok. 

After researching several companies in the DFW area and getting bids, I decided to go with Catios of Texas. Todd was great to work with from the get go – he is easy going, fun to work with and dependable. He spent a lot of time helping me with the design and layout of the catio and explained the different types of materials that could be used. We talked about all the things that go into it: the walls, roof, position of door, cat perches, cat ramps, cat walks, types of wood, different sizes of fencing mesh, the cat door, etc. We also looked at costs associated with the different options so that we came up with a plan that fit my budget.

Todd has a strong work ethic – he was on time, communicated well, stayed within budge and is an experienced builder. He is also very creative and his ideas made this a really special place for my cats to hang out, watch birds, chase lizards and enjoy the great outdoors. I am thankful for all of his help and hard work – it is so much better than I had envisioned! I highly recommend CatiosOfTexas.com for your catio project.

I am thrilled to finally have my catio for my fur babies. My family and friends are so impressed at how beautiful it turned out. They were expecting it to look like a metal cage instead of a cat sanctuary. I put up a camera at the cat door leading outside, and am surprised at how many times during the night and early morning hours that they go outside. It’s fun to see them enjoy going in and out on their own – especially when I am gone. I know that they are safe and having a good time. 

Thank you Todd for helping me build my dream catio! 

Julie T.