Steiny Courtyard Catio

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Here at Catios of Texas we believe that cats are not only smart, but that they deserve the utmost care. They are like tiny little human beings and we want to make sure your kitty has the best possible environment to call home. . #catiosoftexas

Steiny Courtyard Catio

                                                                          This catio was built in the Grapevine / South Lake area in Texas

           This catio was built in the middle of to rows of town houses. Their area was very small, needed to fit in, and not be overwhelming looking from the road. You can see at this house, the deck was pretty high up, and they wanted a door at the top that they could take the cats out and pet.  The Catio had to be tall to get that little door in but it gave for a lot of room inside to build up high. You see that on both ends of the Catio, there are high-up areas. This one is for three black cats. They are around 5, so they are pretty young.  They like playing and chasing each other. This was built to look kinda masculine but also nice to the eye. You can look around it and see all the runs they have. Lots and lots of play areas and resting areas.

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