Best Catios and Pet Enclosures For Your Home

Catios and Pet Enclosures in Texas

Thinking about a Catio, Cat Enclosure
or a Pet Enclosure or Chicken Coop / Chicken House

First step of having Catios and Pet Enclosures

You had to think of having one. A catio window boxes, Back yard cat enclosure, Catios and Pet Enclosures for your balcony, or just to have a cat outdoor play area. They are something you can have for your cat. The fun that is associated with them is never-ending.

I had one for my cat, made them for friends, and started building them for Clients with my handyman business. I never really promoted them. After years of thinking about it, I have decided to make these enclosures for people with cats, and they do not have to be for a cat. It can be a dog, bird, lizard, rabbit, or turtle, etc.

catios of texas

I know for a fact, they love it.

They are just good ways of letting your animal get outside. What dog does not want to go out? Most cats are very interested. They like to look at birds, rabbits, or bugs. Pretty much like us humans. We like to look at things. Now that we have all found out (because of the covid virus) what it like to spend so much time inside, I think we “get” it how animals want to go out also. Can not blame them.

We chose to have the pets in our lives, so as keepers of these we need to try and give them a little life. Besides, I have a lot of friends that their cat is 18 to 19 years. My child is only 26. 19 years in a house looking out a window would kinda suck. However, I do feel that more people should have catios for their cats in the Denton, Dallas, and Fort Worth areas.

Catios and Pet Enclosures

Catios and Pet Enclosures for outside your home.

If you want Catios and Pet Enclosures that is customized to what you are thinking or one that is a standard size In the catio in Dallas, Fort Worth area, or in the North Texas area, I might be able to help. I am only one person so I can only make so many catios. I also have the 380 handyman business. You can see I am looking to make a billion dollars with my business choices lolol.

Furthermore, I like animals, was raised on a farm, and also built houses and many things with my dad starting at around 12. If I liked it or not, I did. But has sent me down a road of liking to build things. Also, now at 52 I want to help people with enclosures for animals. Furthermore, for the animals, not all you people with them. Just kidding, it is healthy for all of us, in addition it makes our life better, calmer, more easy and just downright happy. So be happy.