Window box Catios or Window box Pet Enclosures

The thing about catios and window box catios, those are also a window pet enclosures that some people call them cat enclosures, they protect our cats and pets. One of the problems these days is that with people taking over so much land, we are pushing Possums, Racoons, coyotes, you name it out of their homes that may have had for what 1000 or 5000 years, so they have to adapt to their surroundings. And because we bring in cats and little dogs in, and in return, we have trouble.

I have lived around here a long time, and some cats might be able to hold their own with the native wildlife, but they are not raised with having to fight for their life. These animals can not find enough food, so they start eating cat food or dog food. You can not blame them. They are hungry. I think about all those TV shows showing animals worldwide fighting or doing something dangerous for food.

I remember that Lion cat that ran and got that alligator. That cat was hungry. Cats look like good food or a treat to the other animal’s food. Even if it is not their dog or cat food.

Catios here in the DFW area will help your state of mind.

You think about those hungry animals, but the same is happening on a much smaller scale. Little dogs and cats make good meals like a rabbit or birds. Window catios or window-mounted catios are an excellent way to let your cat out and be protected. The last thing we want is to lose one of our pets that are really like our kids. They sit on the couch with us and lay in bed with us. Pet enclosures help us keep that and give our cats a little humanity to feel like they are outside in the wild. A window catio can give you a lot of fun.

And then, if you have a window catios, you have levels in it to jump around. Compared to some of the ones you see online, they are very cheap catios when you look at them. If you move, you can take it down and take it with you. You can add to it. I always think that you should have a window box catio first. I built one time, and the lady had two cats but one cat did not like it and did not go into it.

What would happen if someone made a 5,000 play area and the cats did not like it? See if the cat likes it. I think it is good to start somewhere.

The window box, I feel, is the best thing.

I’m setting up my shop to specialize in these. I feel that they are affordable for a lot of cat owners. I can help people with big areas, and make whatever you want that is not a problem. Let’s see if your cat will use a window box Catio. I don’t think you can say my cat likes the outdoors unless it wants to go out the back door when you open it. I will bet that cat will go into the box. A fat cat that is 18 years old and never tries to go out is a toss of a coin. I have found with people you never know—animals or no different.

Furthermore, on a personal level, I like watching my bird feeder. I’m not like a cat that wants to kill the birds, but the cat likes to watch it and dream, I guess. They do it with windows. I am sure the fresh air and just being able to go outside is a big thing for them. I like looking at animals that are just lying down and looking relaxed. Not a care in the world. I get jealous. Lololol, pet enclosures are not just for cats. You might have a rabbit, a little dog, or Lizard small child. My mom prob would wish she had one with a good lock

My friend in Florida had a pet skunk, so pet enclosures are a very cool thing to have. Lastly, if you have an animal, tell me if you want to do some kind of Catio or pet enclosure. I will work with you and help you get what you want.

Start with a small catio or pet enclosure.

You can add to it. People call me, and they want to make a zoo in their backyard. They love their pets and enjoy the world for them but no dought about that. When I tell them just what I guess, the reality of the materials cost comes into play if you can afford a big catio good deal. If I make it or not. Make one for you and the cats and animals.

Top 7 catio things that help you

  • Keeps pets our cats safe
  • Keeps your pets from hurting other animals, birds, little rabbits
  • Give you peace of mind
  • It can be like a window that becomes a TV Entertaining watching them
  • You can go outside and still have your pets around you.
  • All your friends will be jealous
  • Window box catios or Window box pet enclosures and affordable and worth you’re wild.
  • Some of the Catio types are window mounted catio, window box catio, catio for deck, free-standing catios, cat enclosures, cat run enclosure, cat runs, cat run enclosure, custom catios, Prebuilt catio, Balcony catio, PVC catios.
  • Areas to build them These are the main cities I build in but will go to all of north Texas, Argyle area, Colleyville, Flower Mound, Frisco, Grapevine, Highland Village, Keller, North Dallas, Prosper, South Lake, Trophy Club, West Plano and Westlake, Fort Worth, Dallas, and Denton.