September 5, 2022 in Cat Care

Every Cat Lover Deserves To Spoil Their Cats And Give Them A Little Luxury

Cat resting inside the catio
Cat resting inside the catio

Catios or  Cat enclosures are the perfect solution for domesticated cats to fully embrace their natural instincts without any of the concerns that completely free roaming kitties would face. For example, your cat can enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and the intriguing sights and sounds of the outdoors from their Cat enclosure. If your cat has ever watched birds from the window, you’ve probably seen your cat’s interest in nature found right in your backyard. With a catio, you can join your cat outdoors, and not have to worry about them escaping.

Cats need exercise, and outdoor cage provide a change of scenery from the indoors that might intrigue a cat into extra movement. Even so, wildlife such as birds stays safe from your kitty who doesn’t understand he or she doesn’t need to hunt for food. Bird populations have actually suffered due to free roaming domestic pets.

Do you have more than one cat? Is your indoor space a little crowded for your cats? A catio can be a bit of an extension of your cats’ territories, so they don’t have to feel like they are constantly right on top of each other or trying to get the same favorite spots. Some people even have an outdoor litter box.

Don’t be the talk of your Facebook neighborhood page or your NextDoor App; no one likes to have damaged vehicles, plants, etc. and they may blame a neighbor’s roaming cat (and possibly it could have been your cat in some cases). Also, catios and outdoor pet enclosures protect your cat from other roaming cats, possibly saving you vet bills from cat fights. Hopefully your cat is spayed or neutered if your cat is at risk of interacting with other cats, but if not, a pet enclosure is also a way to prevent unwanted kittens or the feral cat population from growing further.

As a loving cat owner, you may be trying to balance the desire to give your pet access to the outside world all while keeping your pet safe – and that’s what a cat enclosure does! Anyone who has ever found an injured pet in the road – or worse – knows that cars pose a huge risk to any animals with free reign outside. Whether drivers are speeding, or pets dart quickly from behind parked cars and fences, these things happen far too often, and it is painful to lose a beloved pet this way, as well as traumatic for people, including children, who might witness a pet encounter a moving vehicle.

Cats not contained in an enclosure may wander into freshly treated yards, encounter other animals both domestic and wild, or even snoop around in an open garage. Because of this, other dangers may include curious cats getting into poisons, contracting diseases from other animals, or being injured or killed by predators. Catios protect cats from all of these potential situations, as well.

Keep your cat or cats healthy, happy, and safe with a catio or outdoor cat enclosure addition!

Outdoor catios and pet enclosures are a safe and entertaining part of your pet’s life and wellbeing.

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