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The main types are Freestanding catios, window mounted catio, window box catio, catios for deck, the catio, cat enclosures, cat run enclosures, and cat runs for sale outdoors, cat run enclosures I can build them all. You might have different names for them.

Types of Catios, Cat enclosures, Cat runs, or pet enclosures. In Dallas, Denton, and Fort Worth area, Ok, now I will say up front that I am not trying to be a smart ass. But you will probably say, “really or no crap,” and “this guy is a genius” after what I say here about catios and cat enclosures. Here it goes. Let’s say you want a catio on the top of your car (yes, I know that is not the most considerate idea), but that would be a Car top catio. Lolol, it’s not like a house that could be Spanish-looking or Tuscany.

Unlocking the Catio World: From Dad's Directions to Wild Cat Runs

I can remember my dad talking to people on the phone and asking them over and over if there is a landmark by this. And then I will give you the basic catios here. However, I am just now really going to expand into Catios. I have been making them for years but not really telling people about them. Because I have made them mainly In Denton and some odd ones in Dallas, they were movable cages for wild cats. I thought they should have cat runs with them. I do not have a lot of photos to show you but they will be coming.

Just put where you want it in front of the word catio, and that is what you have. Next, go to Pinterest and type in (Cat Enclosure) I tell people to Draw their idea on a napkin and take a photo of it and send it to me. This way I have a clue what you’re talking about. You might be a good description teller over the phone, but some people can not explain they have naturally straight straight hair. God bless them. Like trying to have someone give you instructions on where to drive.

Penthouse 2
Inside with Cat

But I will start naming the styles that I make

If you want after I make one for you because we can name that style together. I would say you could name it but I have to be careful with the names. Allow me to take the reins, and I’ll conjure up a fantastic name for you. Like “Todds little moon window box for windows” or “*** catio” Now the “Little Moon” I like that. Just made that up. Sound like a Native American cat name. My next cat might be “little moon’, maybe “Little Moon on Monday”. Lolol ok, you get the idea.

If not you should look into a dog. Ok, the big ones I think are; Window box catio or enclosure I know what you thinking. That one goes over a window. Yes, because most of the windows are single or double-wide windows and on both, you can have one just big enough to let the cat out and lay on a deck or it can go up as high as you want. They are probably the most affordable and I would say they are but I would get an email so someone that puts theirs on a leash and ties it to a tree and it cost $5.37 cents.

And then the thing is if you have it cover all the windows

I can put more cool stuff in it, so that like the last one I built the window was in front of a desk and it had 3 levels so the person could watch them like a pinball machine or like an ant farm. The fun outside of seeing your cat-loving life is just watching them.

Next, you will no longer need to go to the mall and watch people. You can sell time that people, they can come and watch your cats running up and down. Or just sleep. You might have to refund some money if that happens.

Deck Catio

I know your thinking “what the hell is that” Yes a deck cat enclosure or catio is a cool thing. We can make one that is in an area of your deck or goes around the top of a rail because the big thing is now your cat can come outside and you do not have to worry about it. Gives you one more thing to look at. Really a lot of time on a deck is just looking at things.

The more you have, the better it is. But a bird at a feeder where your cat sees it is fun. Besides, you don’t have to put the feeder 2 inches from the cage. It can be 30 feet away. The birds come and go and the cat will move around watching them. Just like in a window but much better. The other good thing is they can not hurt birds. Birds are pretty important and we all like them.

Porch cat enclosure, catio, or just pet enclosure

You have a porch (some type of cover) with no walls. That’s the best to me. Here in the DFW area. Since most of the year we have good weather and what we really want is shade or the rain to keep off our freaking heads. We have what we call a porch. This makes you having a cat enclosure a lot easier and a little cheaper. Keep in mind that a catio has some expense in the materials, but the main cost is labor. Figuring out what to do, How to do it, and the physical part of doing it is the major cost.

Don’t get it in your head that just because you know what you want and what you want it to be made out of will cut the cost in Half. It will help a little. But in the big picture, that’s a small part. Since I have built and fixed so many things other than catios, I have seen a lot. You know everyone thinks everything can be done in 5 min, 15 max. It should be 10 dollars to fix, and you only have to drive an hour here and an hour back. It is funny. Most people are not like that. But you get the point.

I want to try and make them as cheap as possible

Inside with Cat

I want the cats to have a life and fun. Humans’ happiness is a bi-product. Lol. Best to take some photos, a few of them. Inside and out. The floor and the roof from the inside. I’m looking for small problems. I want to try and find them upfront.

Nothing worse than remodeling a house and then finding something no one saw or had even thought about. Much better to plan. Yes, I know it is only a catio enclosure. But the same rules apply. The cost is just a lot cheaper than a house


Free Standing Cat or Pet enclosures

These cat play area enclosures are not a new idea or just for cats, look at how long they have had Zoos. I remember in Brazil, they had monkeys and all they had around them was a moat of water. It worked and kept people out and monkeys in. Wish there was a way they had something like that while driving a car. Other than holding a handgun out your window. They are for the serious person. If you look online, you will see some that you might live in. Heating/ AC, running water, and other dogs trained to serve cats in bed.

Lolol, They are cool. This is where you need to get a crayon and a printer paper and kinda draw what you want will take prob 5 min because you have already made it up in your head. I want to get as close to what you have in your head as possible. Unless you can give me a budget and tell me to figure it. I really need a starting point. If you want me to start with no idea what you want.

There is an upfront fee

Finally, you want something that everyone will ah over or get into, like “Good cat keeping magazine” I love to make cool things I can dream up. I am sure you understand I don’t have time in my life to just sit around figuring up something cool and then have someone say cool. Maybe one day I will make something like this and just keep all my ideas. If you pay me to figure it out and kinda draft it out for you, I will. If I do that, you can build it. Just keep in mind.

You need tools, know how to use them, and not hurt yourself. It’s not like Ikea furniture. And in a lot of people’s cases, you might need to plan a few vacations around doing it. In the handyman and remodeling world, I live in. I cannot tell you how many jobs I have taken that the homeowner thought they could do it.

Sometimes it is the fact they just don’t have the skill set

And sometimes they do figure it out, but they need to dedicate the rest of their youth to it, just decide they will never do anything thing but this for the next 3 years. Lol this goes along with “I’m not going to pay someone for this, I can do it.” lol They are right. Just that I can do it in weeks and they might take a year or more. Not my problem. They don’t realize how much work is out there, and I’m not trying to get rich off them. I would not be in this business if I wanted to get rich. I could replace the motor in my truck.

Did it a lot with my dad. But I don’t really want to, and I would have to learn new crap, and the number 1 thing is I really really dislike working on cars. It’s up there with going to the dentist. You might like both, but I don’t. I like the beach and having a life, but I would rather make the money to pay someone that likes doing it. Lol, You will find with me I’m a pretty matter-of-fact kind of person. I don’t work things up. I want you to think something is really nice, but I want you to think that on your own. Not me egging you on.

I might say something like this will be badass

(Unless it is my idea for you to give me 500 dollars for being nice). Lol. Normally means that will be for you the owner, the cat, and for everyone in the future that looks at it and says that’s badass. I personally like making badass things. (I am still looking for photos of some of the outdoor fireplaces I made nowadays they are just cookie-cutter ones. Inside fireplaces put outside).

I know I will not be there to hear people talk about it. I will know because I will be standing in line at Target, and I will get that feeling of something being said and look up in the air. You know like in the movies. Tell people you thought of it and had someone make it or tell them you made it with your best friend, spread the good feeling. I’m not looking for credit. I want you to be happy with the outcome and take care of the project I completed. Could you also provide a photo of my work and perhaps find someone more aesthetically pleasing to stand in for me?

Throughout my experience, I’ve gleaned from advertisements that the more attractive the individual appears, the higher the likelihood of a successful sale. So most of my photos have no one in them who cannot take a chance in the future. One day it might only be cool to have a robot in the photo and I will have to learn photo shop.


Outdoor runs and tunnels pet enclosures and cat enclosures

Lastly, Outdoor pet tunnels and If you have a free-standing Catio you might need a cat tunnel, or a dog tunnel, a pet tunnel, or husband tunnel. You know so he can come back in from the dog house. Outdoor pet runs for cats, dogs, hamsters, little kids. Furthermore, they are all the same. Runs are great for animals. I had a friend, whose dog was kinda big. Lived only at home. Took it out to our farm and let it run free. I have never seen with my little eyes so much happiness. It had never run. Sure, from one wood fence to another.

Overlooking Catio
Front Yard Catio

But to just run free

It just ran and ran and ran. Yeah, I had to call him back sometimes but i know it was the most incredible feeling it ever had. The dog was not like a 2-year-old puppy. For a cat that looks outside and then is able to go outside into a run and run must be incredible. Even if they cannot catch the birds is chases. Dogs love chasing cars, but they will do it all their life. I keep thinking I’m going to find Misses right. Trust me when you do the work, I don’t think she’s out there.

She knows upfront I’m not the person she is looking for. Lololol that’s funny but true. I did say I’m not looking to get rich off doing my work. I put that in because prob about 1 person will rePortable catios or dog/ pet cages. ad this far and will prob say “Heard that” lolol If you want to build one and just want to rent me and my tools, tell me. I do a lot of work with people. It helps on cost, and you still get the feeling that you made it. Everyone likes building things they can see and touch at the end. You can by-pass buying 1000s of dollars in tools and trying to figure them out.

Cat Tree

Portable catios or dog/ pet cages

If you have an RV or go camping. If you are planning a trip to the moon, or if you go to someone’s house and need to keep your pet under control other than Benadryl and need a way to contain your pet tell me. I have made these in the past. I need to come up with a name for these. I just made one up “Pet Boss” patient pending Jan 3, 2022. Lolol These can come in real handy. Think of all the places you want to take your pet. You think if I only had one of Todd’s pet bosses I would be happy.

Inside Shot

Zombie-proof catios and pet enclosures

Yes if you have been to my website you know how important it is to protect your home from any future Zombie apocalypse. Your pet area will need the same protection. We may not get human Zombies, but what happens if we get like zombie cats. We never think about that. I am here to raise awareness. You do not want a zombie cat to come by that only goes after cats. Your cats need to be protected. Yes, we can arm them with cat guns and long sticks.

But wouldn’t it be good to know that those zombie cats cannot even get to your cat? Let’s not even get into Space Alien Cats. I worry about them also. Just know that Todd is out there looking over your family and pets. All except for that one relative you don’t really want to be around. We will put a beacon on them so Zombies and aliens will find them. Free pointed stick for all Zombie proofed houses. Free Tin foil hats for all Alien proofing houses. If both services get back up, hat and stick free.

Just pay shipping and handling but I’m not going to tell you how much S&H is. Learned that from TV. Oh yeah, all most forgot. But wait if you are the next caller in the next 1000 years you now get another stick shaped like a stick but smaller to carry in your shirt pocket.

I am still working on this, so I have to do everything. So be patient please

But here is the main types window mounted catio, window box catio, catio for deck, the catio inexpensive, cat enclosures, cat run enclosure, cat runs for sale outdoor, cat run enclosure.

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