December 6, 2022 in Cat Care

Let Your Cat Out For The Holidays

A cat looking through a glass door
A cat looking through a glass door

Holiday Catio Time Is Here. It’s the nice cool weather. We like getting out whenever it’s nice and cool, and so do our cats.  This year let your cat out and let them enjoy the weather all year round. Cats really like it during the fall and spring months. Unless you have a cat like what we have, and it has so much fur it wants cold weather no matter what. Catios get your cat’s the fresh air and the excitement in their life that they’re looking for, remember dogs get out,  everybody gets out, Let your cat out. We can’t let cats roam free because of all the environmental problems, but we can give them a little piece of outdoors since we’ve brought cats into our houses we should provide something like a cat enclosure for them. One of the best ways to start is to have a window Catios  or Cat enclosure box. This will let your cat can just go out of the window to look at things, look at a bird feeder,  watch squirrels things of this nature they really do enjoy it.

Cats go in and out cat enclosures window boxs or a catio a lot.  Oh! I know the one that I’m around. He goes out probably 30 to 40 times a day, if not more you like to go out, I’ll check it out hang out for a little bit and come back yet and when you think of the time that we spend was just sitting with our cats and enjoying them in our lab from their in perspective that’s a tiny percentage of the day for that cat the window box or catio provides that entertainment for them and allows them to get exercise on top of just enjoying the air and just being outside hell! we even do it for inmates in prison they get at least an hour a day outside most of my thing I don’t know I’ve never been to prison but the TV shows tell me that. also, your Catios can be made zombie-proof in case a problem does arise, which is always a real possibility. You just never know. I’m also working on making them alien proof, but that’s in the works. If you are interested in making an alien proof. Just tell me and we’ll work on it.

 But this holiday season, let your cats get out and enjoy the weather enjoy life enjoy the spirit of the cat holiday. All of the leaves will be falling off soon where I live, and they’ll be able to see the birds and squirrels at that point, so they’re going to be busy during the summer with bugs, and  lizards. The winter is for looking at birds and squirrels.

Equal Time for cats in Catio cat enclosure!!! Love dogs but Cats want time also. Lololol


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